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Fashion as we know it has been one of the most embraced trends since the 1980s. It is one thing that helps people express who they are to the outside world. The 1980s fashion was among one of the mind-blowing set of fashion trends as one would what they feel is classy. For example, men could rock tight pants and baggy pants. Women could rock a mini-skirt, a sweater and leg warmers in the 80s fashion trends.

Here is a set of clothing that was a bit common back then:

Mini SkirtsThe miniskirts were so familiar with young women back in the 80s fashion trends. The shorter it was, the better it looked at the lady. It could be rocked with a pair of boots while others preferred to roll on it with a pair of leggings. If a lady wears a leather jacket on top, this outfit would be perfect.


They were familiar with the youth as older women steered away from wearing them. High shirtsThese were what is nowadays knows as the crop tops. They were among the 80s fashion trends that women back then loved and exist in the modern fashion industry. Fingerless Gloves This trend was considered to be among the classy designs. All women of all ages would comfortably rock this fingerless gloves. It was highly recommended when one would be attending parties, like tea parties.

They could also be rocked at all other sorts of settings including church services. Structured shoulders Structured shoulders are shoulder padded clothes designs. Both men and ladies could wear these designs, and it was common in coats. Shoulder pads gave the outfit a square look on the shoulders. Women also wore other jacket designs with a protruding end at the shoulders, and it was believed to portray their power as women.


Baggy/Tight pants baggy pants started off as tight pants, and with time they were adjusted to become loose. The most common ones were referred to as parachute pants. They were a trend that was common with men. Checked OutwearThis the most common trend as both the men and women loved it. It was preferred by designers to make checked suits. Casual checked designs were also loved as one would rock a checked pant or skirt with a sweater. These trends are to mention a few.


In a more general way, we have:80s summer fashion The 80s summer fashion trends mostly includes bright colors and light materials like short shorts, short-sleeved shirts or vests and abstract prints.80s rock fashionThis fashion primarily included exaggerating everything like doing your make-up in excess and having big or shaggy hair. It also involved having hair bands, and most of the time this 80s fashion trend was rocked with a leather jacket.80s casual styleT-shirts and big shirts were favorite in the world when it came to casual wear. Denim jackets would be rocked as well as leather jackets with a pair of jeans.

summer fashion

They would be paired with sneakers. White sneakers were the most popular back then.80s men’s Hip Hop fashionThis was another high trending fashion back in the 80s. It merely was defined by baggy pants, loose shirts, denim jackets, white sneakers or big sneakers and most definitely a baseball cap.80s workout fashion Sportswear included sweatpants, tracksuits, windbreakers and athletic shorts. Both men and women wore the designs.


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