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 Fashion over the years has become the most sought-after lifestyle of people. The constant thought of what dress to wear, in order to give the best expression, is a perennial occupation in men. With this idea of giving the best presentation of the self, this industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Clothes have becomes more elaborate and elegant, and then just bring items to be worn. This is brought about by the touch of fashion technology. Fashion technology enables the experience of fashion when we put on attire or interact with it.


The increase innovation in technology, have tremendously transformed fashion globally. From the runway to the mere physical shops, the influence of fashion technology has shaped the look of fashion to a great extent.

3D design bringing new trends and Products:

The recent reports have recorded the new trend brought about by the influence of 3D design. With this, the interest of the customers is easily maintained, which the subject of constant change.

3D design

This digitalization in the apparel market is changing and reshaping the fashion industry. This enables to meet the appetite of the customers, who are looking for new trends all the time.The designing and sampling of garments can indeed be time-consuming. The 3D technology, design, and sampling of products are the best options of the producers, which is less consuming and keep the supply chain. As known, 3D is bounded by the potency of creativity, which is advantageous for quality improvements of products.More so, the production and the cost efficiency are remarkable. Not to mention the eco-friendly nature of the production process.

In Fashion technology news, the emergence of 3D design technology has brought production into a new line of digital. And this is constantly open to large horizons of innovation. Technology giving innovation in Leather and Fabric industries:The latest running fashion news updates are brought about by the Premiere Vision Paris, which has recognized the innovation of companies in the progress of leather and Fabric in the industry. The showcase as made to manifest the innovative changes to the fashions landscape brought about by the influences of the latest technology.The Fabric imagination prize was given out to Stylem- Zen kiwami (Japan), for having shown the latest, original and amazing fabric in terms of technology and innovation of the designs.

The PV Leather Grand Jury Prize 2018 fell on FC Creacio I Innovacio(Spain) for his exceptional works in leather.They have revolutionized the fashion industry with the implementation of the latest technology in the producing wider collections of products with innovation and strong styling.

Paris fashion Week Reshaping Fashion in fashion technology news:

The Paris fashion week is already on the runway from Sept. 24 to Oct. 2 2,018. The technological developments in the fashion are dominating the fashion week, just as it did in the recent New York Fashion Week 2018. There is an amazing progress in the garments, and fashion design, as the designers are using technology to imprint the innovations in their original and unique creations. The future of the fashion industry is bright. Technology is used in integrating the colors in the garments, and the patterns give fashion a unique and blending trend. The blend is great indeed. This fashion technology news is taking creativity to new heights and moving the future of fashion to new heights.

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